7 ways your dog can help you lose weight

by S Riaz
Read this blog to know 7 ways your dog can help you in weight loss.

Regular exercise with your cuddly companion can help you lower blood pressure and stress levels. Engaging in this activity with your dog means losing weight and bonding at the same time.

Statistics show that 40% of dogs in America are overweight, and the situation of owners (39% overweight) is no different.

Some of us also have to deal with diabetes, joint problems, and other health issues.

These problems are never going to leave until you pick up the dog and start exercising.


1. Walking your dog – Weight Loss Tip

Start walking with your dog with a full commitment that you are going to continue for a long time. If there is rain, buy raincoats and go for a walk.

Experts recommend walking at least two blocks every day to reduce weight. If you and your dog are overweight then forty blocks or two miles will be fine.

Take water along for both of you because if the dog lies down, motivate with water. Walking with the dog won’t help if you are not on a diet. You can consult a doctor for you and a vet for the dog before going on a diet.

2. Stair running – Weight Loss Tip

If you have stairs, you can use it for a good workout. There are plenty of exercises to do, you can run up and down. Or do squats while moving up the stairs, and when the dogs move with you they will burn some energy.

Climbing stairs is good for shoulders, lower back, hips, and legs. Experts say swimming and stair climbing are the quickest way to lose weight.


3. Fetch and squat – Weight Loss Tip

You can play this game outside with the dog. The idea is to keep both of you working and twisting. Throw the ball as far as you can and start doing squats until the dog returns. You can also do fetch and twist, it will tighten your abs and the dog will enjoy some playtime.


4. Simple squats

To do this exercise you need a treat or ball in hand. Move into position and hold the ball in front of the dog. Then start moving with your hand above the head.

It can be hard at times, but if you keep doing, the dog will follow. You can also pick up the dog to do squats, or put the dog on your shoulders and start working. In the end, make sure to reward the pup.


5. Creative yoga

It may sound funny, but since you will be at home with the dog, no need to feel shy. There are yoga poses to try for heavy and lightweight dogs. Smaller ones are good for poses like “warrior I.” For large dogs, just practice stretching and rest together with quitter poses. You may not like it at first, but when both of you make it a habit, you will start seeing some rhythm.


6. Dance routine

If you haven’t seen a dancing dog then what are you waiting for? Go watch some online videos of these little munchkins dancing. There are even dog dancing championships around the world. You can train your dog and if both of you are good, you can win a championship.

No training can help you in this case, watching tutorials may give you some idea, but you have to come up with your own brand of dancing. It’s fun working routine that both of you can enjoy every morning. There is also a saying “Dance away the pounds.”


7. Follow the leader

Follow the leader is a game that we used to play when we were kids, you can play it again with your pet. The dog is not going to follow unless there is a motivator in your hand. Have a ball or food in hand and let your dog follow you around in the house. If the dog comes in front of you then change the direction.

This is the best way to train your dog to follow you when you are going on walks. You can also start with “follow the leader” if other exercises are difficult for you.

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