Common dog health problems and their solutions

by Tayyba Saddiq
Read this blog to know common dog health problems and their solutions

Dogs can go through different health issues starting from intestinal parasites, skin disorder and ear infections, eye infections, digestive upset, and dental sickness.

Many of these situations can be dangerous for your dog.

The best solution to keep your dog fit and healthy is to have a proper checkup every month.

If you are a pet owner, it is very important to take care of him.

You cannot help him enjoying good health unless you know the common health problems of dogs and their basic solutions.

These solutions will give you an opportunity to keep your dog healthy. Let’s discuss the common problems of dogs and their solutions. 


Dog health problem #1: Tapeworms

Tapeworms are common in puppies and dogs that are more usually transmitted when a dog drinks or feed from contaminated food.

The chances become higher for the tapeworm to grow and live inside the intestine of the dog.

The size of tapeworm varies from the growth it gets.

These are parasites grow in contaminated water and in other living species such as human and animal gets in contact with it, it passes in them as well.

However, tapeworms are treated easily with proper medication like Virbantel that helps to fight against the tapeworm effectively and efficiently.

Tapeworms are not dangerous but sometimes they can cause a life-threatening problem.

That is why it is essential and important to have regular veterinarian checkups to keep your dog safe and healthy.  


Medication for tapeworm
  • Vibrant
  • HomeoPet Wrm clear
  • Drontal plus
  • Centex
  • Advantage II


Dog health problem #3: Intestinal worms

Worms can be one of the most chronic issues in dogs and other animals.

While the intestinal worms that can tend to transmit in humans causing them to be at a greater risk. Intestinal worms are generally the most occurring issue in newborn puppies.

If they are not treated on time, the growth of the worm can grow bigger in size which will consume the food that dog eats, causing them a loss of appetite, loss of red blood cells, which can result in death in extreme cases.

The medication such as Virbantel is one of the best treatments for controlling the growth of tapeworms and killing them. 

Also, Several pet owners will use effective medications such as Ivomec to treat worms in dogs and puppies.

The person should be careful while using this medication as an overdose can result in toxicity which can be dangerous for the health of dogs and can lead to death.

To avoid this crucial situation, HomeoPet Wrm Clear is one of the harmless natural medications for dogs and other animals. It is essential and recommended to use safe medication for better healthcare and safety of your dog. 


Medication for intestinal worms
  • Vibrant
  • Iverhart Max
  • Panacur C Canine Dewormer
  • HomeoPet Wrm Clear


Intestinal worms are one of the common problems for dogs; it needs to be treated with proper medication at the right time.

Also, If not treated properly it may lead to illness and poor immunity which can lead to death..


Dog health problem #3: Hot spots 

Hot Spots are one of the most common developing causes of food allergies, flea bite allergies, etc.

They cause itching and irritation on the skin which results in swelling on the skin.

However, there are effective sprays and creams that help to fight against germs and gives a soothing relief.

These sprays are formulated with a special agent that is effective to fight against bacteria, yeast and other fungal infections in puppies and dogs.

HomeoPet Hot spot is one of the brilliant remedies that is the natural solution for helping with irritation, inflammation, and itching effectively.

Also, Proper medication and proper instructions are essential to keep your dog healthy and safe from such diseases. Apart from medication, there is also a natural remedy known as tea tree oil which helps to relieve skin irritation and itching.


Medication for hot spots 
  • Be soothed tea tree oil skin relief 
  • HomeoPet Hot Spots 
  • Betagen Topical Spray 


Dog health problem #4: Skin infections, hair loss, raw spots

It is common for our dogs to get infected with bacteria and yeast infection, also,  it is essential to use proactive treatments that will help your dog to live a healthy life.

Also, There are three well-known shampoos that are recommended such as KetoChlor Shampoo, Malaseb Shampoo, and Malapert Herbal Shampoo.

All of them are the super effective and best solution to overcome problems like hair loss, skin infection, and irritation.

Also, When a dog starts losing his hair due to some reasons and it can cause patches to occur on his skin.

In addition, In this crucial situation, these natural remedies will help your dogs grow hair on empty patches on their bodies.

Moreover, It is advised to bathe your dog with medicated shampoos every week for better healthcare.


Medication for skin infections, hair loss, and raw sports
  • Medicated shampoo
  • KetoChlor Shampoo
  • Malaseb Shampoo
  • Comfortis



After reviewing the whole summary, we conclude that it is important to keep track on your dog’s health.

Every medication mentioned above has been successful for improving the health of dogs.

It is recommended to use such medications with proper dosage to keep your dog fit and healthy. 

The dog owners who have used these medications for treating intestinal worms, hot spots and skin infections say that they are happy with the positive results and the medications have helped their dog to get back on track.

One thing needs to be kept in mind that overdose of the medication can result in negative effects that can lead to death and medication should be given with correct dosage and amount for better healthcare

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