How dogs contribute to our health and happiness

by Amy Koller
How dogs contribute to our health and happiness

Dogs are incredible beings. They are animals that love unconditionally and are loyal to their humans at any and all cost. It is most certainly of no wonder why dogs are considered man’s best friend.

We really could not live without that sort of love in our life.

While it may appear that all of these thoughts and feelings about our beloved furry loved ones are a little over the top, there is actually quite a bit of scientific research that has gone into finding some answers as to just how, and what it is precisely, that dogs actually contribute to our health and to our happiness.


Positivity and optimism

First and foremost, dogs improve your overall mood.

There have been countless studies that have gone on to show that owning a dog can, in fact, make you a more positive and optimistic person overall.

Dogs have even been shown to help reduce symptoms of both anxiety and depression in owners.

That is actually one of the main reasons why dogs are so often used as therapy animals for people who suffer from things like anxiety, depression, bipolar, and even PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).


Oxytocin boost

Spending time with your dog also not only makes them feel loved, but it makes you feel loved as well.

When you pet and cuddle with your dog, your brain gives off increased levels of oxytocin, which is most commonly referred to as a “love hormone”.

When oxytocin is released into your system, you find yourself significantly more relaxed, trustworthy, and your entire nervous system will begin to calm down.

It is pretty amazing to think that an animal that loves and devotes so much to us, can also make us love and relax even more than we could even possibly imagine.


Cortisol drop

Not only does petting and cuddling your dog increase your levels of oxytocin, but it also decreases your levels of your levels of cortisol as well.

Which is the stress hormone that is released from your brain into your body.

Participants were asked to conduct a stressful test, but they had a dog with them.

(Source: According to a study from the University of New York)

The results went on to show that the participants completed the test with significantly less stress thanks to their new-found furry friends.

Workplace studies have also been conducted in which went on to show that people who take their beloved companions to work are able to increase social interactions on a more positive level, while also lowering your stress, and improving your mind and body and allowing yourself the ability to recover more quickly from challenges that you face at work.


Healthy living

Our canine companions also can assist in helping you to become more fit and healthier.

As a devoted, loving and responsible pet owner, you are going to play with them, take them for a walk or a hike, and simply just be with them in order to keep them happy and healthy as well.

In turn, you are actually promoting your own health and overall sense of well-being as well.

This activity boosts your own physical health while also improving your mood as well.

 People who own dogs are noted to have lower cholesterol & blood pressure

(according to a study)


Life lessons

While contributing to our health and happiness is that we need to learn to pay attention to our emotions.

Dogs do not carry grudges, nor do they find stress in their everyday lives.

This is something that we can learn from and in turn apply to our own lives as well.

Dog’s can teach us so many things, if we listen to our best friends

But to also take that same time and learn from them as well. 

Dogs change our lives

The Dogs are most definitely some of the most incredible creatures on this planet.

We are so lucky to be able to have such a uniquely wonderful opportunity to share our lives with them.

They make us better people, they not only contribute to our health, happiness, and well-being,.

Dog’s teach us how to love,cheris & forgive,live life & express empathy.

Most amazing animals, and to be lucky enough to have them in our lives means that we are lucky enough. 

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