Natural remedies for ear mites in puppies

by Tayyba Saddiq
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Ear problems are very common in puppies because a dog’s ear canal is longer and vertical naturally and it is quite easy for germs and irritants to stay there.

There are likely chances of spreading of these irritants to its paws, head, and legs.

Thus, if your puppy is excessively scratching her ears, and shaking her head, it must be ear mites that are bothering him/her. 

Your cute little puppy, though possesses tongue in her mouth, is incapable of telling you her pains and anxieties.

Keep your patience and try to find out the reasons behind her discomfort; after all, being a pet parent isn’t a piece of cake.

Although ear mites are technically a mild parasite infection, it can get worse if not treated right away, as your puppy may go through some hypersensitive reactions. 

Common symptoms of puppy’s ear mites include brown or yellow discharge, extravagant scratching ears, redness of outer ear canal and shaking of head to and fro.

If you are able to diagnose the disease properly, you can cure it at home and can save you time and money. In this article, you may find some quick, easy and helpful natural remedies for ear mites in puppies.


Diagnosis and treatment

If you find the above-mentioned symptoms in your pup, act fast and don’t hesitate to seek veterinarian guidance immediately. He or she will examine your puppy’s ear under a magnifying glass and will confirm if ear infection is due to ear mites. 

In severe infections, dogs rarely allow vet to even touch their ear so he or she may have to sedate your poor pup to examine its ears thoroughly.

There are several treatments to cure ear mites in puppies; your vet will prescribe you the best protocol to treat the disease.

A complete cleaning of infected ears does relieve the pain and calms the redness in many cases. Then a one-time topical treatment usually cures the illness.

Be sure that your puppy does not lick the cream or lotion applied onto the skin.

Try to engage your pup with his/her favorite game so that the cream or lotion can work fully.


Common natural remedies – puppy ear mite treatment

You can use green tea leaves to flush away all ear mite debris accumulated in your puppy’ ear, once a month. Green tea leaves are considered the best antiseptic.

But confirm if your puppy does have mild ear mites infection rather than no infection at all. 

You can prevent ear mites infection by using any type of oil onto your puppy’s ears. Oil will soothe the redness and vigorous scratching.

You can make a DIY anti-inflammatory oil for your puppy as well. Take some garlic cloves and crush them coarsely. Soak into any oil, let’s say, olive oil or mustard oil.

Keep it overnight. Now gently massage onto your puppy’s infected and swollen area and see the wonder. It will not only kill the bacteria, but it will also stop the development of ear mites too. 


Clean environment – puppy ear mite treatment

Do not ever forget that keeping a pet safe from such infections, they need a clean environment.

This is a highly contagious disease; your other pets are likely to get infected from ear mites, so try to keep your pet environment clean and healthy to make them healthy.

Curtains, bedding, furniture and flooring, everything must be properly cleaned by using mites killing sprays. You must thoroughly clean your puppy’ ears to prevent any other ear infections.


Some measurements to treat ear mites

Whether you are going to administer a home remedy or a commercial product prescribed by vet, in both cases, you must take some significant measures.

Here are some common points you should observe while treating ear mites in puppies:

Your puppy may show some overly reaction when administered any medicine.

Thus wear worn-out clothes in case the medicine gets sprinkled over you.

Before applying any medicine, collect all required supplies such as clean cloth, dropper and creams or lotions. Now firmly grasp the pinna and apply the product gently onto the infected area.

Massage gently all over your puppy’s body to soothe her.

Repeat the process as prescribed by your puppy’s health care advisor.



Various pets – especially puppies, can easily fall prey to ear mites, so make sure that you are taking all steps and precautionary measures to keep your pet healthy.

You can avoid the expensive fees of vets only by keeping your pet environment neat and clean.

In case, if you witness redness or swelling around the ears of your dog, immediately go to the veterinarian to ensure the best treatment is applied to their well being.

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