Preventing dog bites

by S Riaz
Being a responsible owner means understanding your dog’s behavior and educating others about it too.

Dog bite is often perceived as normal behavior. Most owners don’t know that it’s a natural reaction when they are in a stressful situation, such as trying to protect the territory or feel threatened by someone’s presence. They can also get aggressive or fearful because of an illness and when lonely.

It is a known fact that dogs are our best friends, and in the United States alone, 36% of the population has a dog. Only a small percentage of owners understand why their dogs go through this rebellious phase. If you haven’t done the homework then be prepared to learn the hard way.


1. Why do dogs bite?

Nearly 1 in every 5 bites requires immediate medical attention. Children are most likely to fall, victim, which is why it is important to know the reason behind this aggressive behavior. And that is?

  •       To protect their puppies, mother dogs can bite.
  •       They bite to defend themselves and the territory.
  •       Scaring a dog by suddenly approaching from behind can trigger a reaction.
  •       Running from your dog can also trigger predatory instincts, even during play.
  •       A fearful situation can lead to a bite, be careful when approaching an abandoned dog.
  •       They can bite because of an injury or illness.

Sometimes simple reasons like not getting enough attention can also trigger friendly bites. It is important to pay attention to your dog’s behavior.


2. How to prevent dog bites

It’s a long process that requires patience and a lot of love. If you have a puppy you can start training by socializing and building foundation. You have to communicate with the dog, educate your family, and avoid tricky situations.


3. Adapting to new environments

Help your dog adapt to new environments by interacting with people and pets. It helps the dog feel at ease when meeting new people and in difficult situations. You can start training from an early age, the dog will feel comfortable when they get older. Use a leash when going out in public to ensure full control.


4. Building good foundations

A responsible owner is looking to build a good foundation so that the dog doesn’t bite or disobey. In order for this to work, find a dog that can settle in your family. A dog needs training, exercise, and lots of love. If everyone in your family works or studies during the day then spend some time to build foundation on weekends.


5. Communicating with dogs

We have different ways of communication, but that doesn’t we can’t share thoughts. The reason dogs bit is because we create stressful situations and don’t try to understand. If we behave properly around our dogs, we can be ideal owners and avoid getting bitten at the same time. A dog never bits without a good reason. Communicate with a positive attitude and offer a reward for good behavior.


6. Tricky situations
  •       Don’t pat a dog if the owner is not around
  •       When a dog runs towards you, stay motionless
  •       If the dog is sick and the owner is not around, don’t approach
  •       Don’t try to reach or pet from the fence
  •       If resting or while eating
  •       Don’t force the dog to play when hiding or looking to spend alone time
  •       Immediately reach out when a dog is growling or angry
  •       Don’t approach without owner’s permission
  •       Don’t play aggressively with your dog
  •       Don’t let your children near an untrained dog
  •       Don’t make loud noises or play loud music in a closed room
7. Dog body language

A responsible owner is able to read body language. Dogs are trying to tell you something with their gestures and you should be able to read. It is hard to always know, but we can make a judgment by looking at clues. The dog may be under stress because of a threat or afraid of the dark.


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