Routine health care for dogs

by Tayyba Saddiq

In this blog, you will get to know about these 7 dog health care tips.

Dogs are the most friendly and trustworthy animals.

However, they require proper healthcare and a checkup every month for living a healthy life.

It is very important to keep track of your dog’s health and this article will guide you with detailed information about healthcare for your pet dog.

We have written a few useful and helpful vaccination dog health care tips to keep your dog healthy.

As we all know that having proper treatments and checkups keep us healthy, so does our dog need.

It is an essential and basic necessity for all dogs to have a complete checkup and veterinary examination after regular intervals.

If an adult dog is fit and healthy, he does not need to require checkups on monthly basis but puppies are young babies and they are in their developing stage which can make them fall sick easily due to which puppies need to have veterinary checkup every 3 to 5 weeks till they reach the age of 4 months.


What are the signs of illness in dogs?

As you live with your dog and spend time with them the most, you would surely know the noticeable signs if your dog gets ill.

Do not ignore these signs and think that your dog will be fine on their own.

It requires a proper medical checkup to examine their illness and prevent it as soon as possible. One of the most common signs of illness may include if your dog’s appetite has suddenly dropped.

Also, another common sign may include a decrease in the dog’s activity.

However, other major signs may include diarrhoea and vomiting, changes in urination (can be greater or lesser), constantly sneezing and coughing and lastly discharge from the nose, eyes or ears.

These are just a few signs of illness and there are many other signs as well but to know the best and keep your dog’s health fit, always visit the veterinarian.

We have a few dog health care tips for you. 



When we talk about the dog’s vaccination, it is the main procedure for having correct medication and injections (known as a vaccine) to keep your dog’s health fit. The procedure to follow the vaccination is very simple.

The veterinarian injects the injection in the dog’s body which helps to enhance the immunity of your dog to fight against infections and stay healthy.

There are many different types of vaccines that are given to dogs so that their body cells can defend themselves from infections which will not make them fall ill easily.

The vaccination is also beneficial for preventing the infections that reside in the dog’s mouth, saliva and nails. They reduce the chances to pass on diseases to other living objects such as humans and animals if they have been bitten.

Vaccination is a basic necessity for dogs and the most common type of vaccination includes rabies, distemper, parvovirus, etc.

It is essential to get booster vaccinations for your dog which is given on yearly intervals throughout their lifetime.

You have to get your dog checked by a veterinarian as they are more aware of which vaccination would be the best match for your dog.


Parasite control

We all are aware that all the animals including dogs are prone to containing parasites and insects that are hidden inside their furs such as fleas and leeches, they reside in dogs more often.

It is very difficult to spot such parasites due to their size which can barely be seen with a naked eye. In this crucial situation, it is impossible to detect them or to pick them out.

This parasite is fed on the blood of the dog and they grow so fast that they can multiply themselves within hours.

They can easily be spread from dogs to humans as they can travel from one place to another quickly.

Do you know, what is the most common way to detect if your dog is in contact with a parasite? You can sense it when they scratch their back constantly.

It is because these parasites suck the blood from the dog which causes them to itch.

However, these parasites carry dangerous diseases that can be easily spread in your dog’s immune system causing them to become ill. 


Daily and weekly health care routine

Exercise is the most important step in your dog’s routine healthcare.

Dogs eat meat and other healthy diets. As a result of this, exercise should be part of their routine to burn calories and stay healthy.

The exercise requirement is different for different breeds but it is recommended for every dog to have some kind of exercise.

Exercise can improve the behavior of a dog. So if you have a pet dog at home, don’t forget to take him to the morning walk with you.  



Grooming can improve the overlook of your furry friend. Keeping a dog clean can keep him away from fleas and ticks. If he still grows fleas, use parasite control to get rid of them.

You can use formulated soaps and shampoos for dogs that are effective to kill such parasites.

They reduce the chances and prevent your dog parasite if you use parasite control every week.

Such an example of the parasite can be shampoo, soap, and sprays that are effective for killing parasites and keeping your dog free from itching and scratching their back.



The dog house is very important to prevent extreme weather. In winters they need a warm place to rest.

You can provide your dog with a warm house. Keep the house clean every day to prevent him from bacteria.

You can wash the dog house after 3 to 4 days. If you are using a training crate, take a warm blanket and spread it in the crate.

Clean his blanket every week. 



Cleaning his teeth is very important to help him enjoy a healthy life.

You can buy a high-quality toothbrush for your dog but try to find a soft brush which cannot be painful for him.

Brush his teeth every day when he is relaxed and calm.

If you cannot manage to brush his teeth daily, you should do this 2 times a week.



We have discussed some of the strong dog health care steps.

These steps will help you to keep your furry friend healthy and live longer.

Following the above-mentioned dog, health care steps will protect your dog from different diseases.

If you are a pet owner, keeping your dog healthy is your responsibility.

Take care of your dogs in the same way you would with your loved ones. Because they are indeed part of your family. 

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