Types of food you should never feed your dog

by Tayyba Saddiq
Read this blog to know about the types of food you should never feed your dog

As a dog lover, we all love sharing our delicious food with our dogs but this should be stopped.

Some human foods are dangerous for dogs and can be quite harmful to their health.

As a dog owner, you should be aware of the types of toxic foods that could affect them. This article will teach you which human foods should be avoided to keep your dog healthy to live a fuller, longer life.


Chocolate – never feed your dog

Chocolate is one of the most dangerous foods for your dog.

The bromine which we love the most in chocolate is toxic for dogs so never offer your chocolate to your furry friend.

It is found in all types of chocolates including baked chocolate and dark chocolate. Small amounts of chocolate can cause diarrhea, vomiting.

In the worst case, it can cause tremors, seizures, and abnormal heart rhythms which can lead to death. 


Fatty meat and bacon – Fatty meat such as ham and bacon are very delicious but you cannot offer such foods to your dog.

These human foods have a large quantity of salt and spics which can upset the stomach of your dog.

Salty dishes can make your furry friend thirsty and drink water more than usual which can lead to bloating.

Fatty meat and other foods can also cause pancreatitis in dogs. So, enjoy your fatty meal instead of offering it to your dog to prevent damaging their health.


Onions and garlic 

These vegetables not only give you dragon breath but also they are toxic to your dogs.

These ingredients destroy the red blood cells of your dog which can cause anemia which leads to death.

A small dose of these ingredients is not very dangerous but if your puppy accidentally consumes these ingredients in large quantities then get your dog to the veterinarian asap.

The symptoms include loss of interest in food, vomiting, weakness, and breathlessness. So it is recommended to keep them away from such foods.


Dairy products 

Dog’s digestive systems are completely different from humans; they are not born to process dairy products. Dogs do not have enzymes that break down the milk sugar and some of the dogs are lactose intolerant.

Dairy products can cause gastrointestinal diseases, diarrhea, and vomiting in dogs.

Dairy products have fats that can cause pancreatitis in dogs. So never make a mistake to share your dairy products with your dog. 

Peanut butter, gum, and candies

All of these ingredients are sweet, dogs love these sweets but they are good for their health. Sweets contain xylitol ingredients which cause insulin surge which leads to liver failure in dogs.

Sweets can also cause seizures, loss of coordination and vomiting in your dog.

You can use peanut butter if xylitol is not included in its ingredients. Always check the ingredients list of your dog’s food before you buy them. 

Raisins and grapes

Raisins and grapes are not recommended for dogs. These fruits can cause renal failure in dogs. These fruits can also cause vomiting and lethargy which leads to death. Some of the grapes have seeds that can stick to the throat of your little pet. So avoid such foods and keep your dog safe. 


There is a great debate on avocado, some people say small quantities of avocado are ok for dogs, and others say it contains persin which is dangerous for them.

I recommend you not to offer this fruit to your furry friend as the dogs are resistant to persin and if your dog consumes it in large quantities, it can be fatal for them. Pits, stem, and seeds of avocado are more dangerous than the ripened fruit.

So keep your dog away from such foods to keep him healthy. 

Sugary food

Similar to humans – but even more so for dogs, sugary foods are not good for their health. It can cause more problems in dogs than humans. Sugary foods can cause dental issues and diabetes in dogs. So keep them away from sweets and sugary foods. You can feed them sweet dog-specific treats occasionally. 


If you cannot resist your dog’s eyes begging for food which is dangerous for them then the first step you should do is to keep your dog away from your dining area.

Never eat any food in front of him which is not good for his health.

Let your entire household know which foods are dangerous for your cuddly companions. In order to do this, we suggest you make a list of the above-mentioned foods and display it in your dining area.

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