9 dog movies to watch on weekends

by S Riaz
Read this blog to know the 9 dog movies to watch on weekends
Bring some popcorn for you and some dog food for your beloved, to get cozy on the couch!

Everyone wants to go out and have fun with friends and family on weekends, but if you don’t have any plans then watching movies with your dog is the next best thing. We can watch our favorite shows and movies anytime, but have you ever thought about rewarding your dog with a movie?

The family can sit together and watch dog-movies on weekends. Bring popcorns & cold drinks for you, and dog food for the beloved. If you have decided to spend time this weekend, but not sure which movies to watch. Here are 9 recommendations!


1. Lady and the Tramp

This animated movie is good for any season, and the ending with puppies under the tree is the best. It doesn’t represent responsible guardianship, and animal control is shown as an enemy, but the overall theme is good and your dog will love it. If you have a pair of dogs, then this is the best one you can show it to them.


2. Hotel for Dogs

Two siblings befriended a Jack Russell Terrier. The parents have no idea the kids are setting up a dog shelter in a hotel. In this movie, Don Cheadle plays the part of a social worker with a soft heart. There are seven dogs that used to be strays. The movie has real-life rescue scenes.


3. Secret Life of Pets 2

Max the dog faces a major change in life when his owner gets married and has a child. When moving to the countryside, Max meets a dog named rooster, and from there both work to overcome Max’s fears. Gidget tries to save Max’s toy from a cat’s apartment and snowballs go on a mission to free a tiger. Watch to find out who gadget and snowball is.


4. A Dog’s Way Home

A small puppy, Bella, finds a good owner named Lucas, who loves her more than she ever thought about. Bella is separated from Lucas, but she never gives up. She travels 400 miles to reunite with her owner. While traveling, Bella meets new friends and manage to bring smiles and comfort in their lives.


5. Monster Inc

An award-winning animated movie that brought us Sulley and his best friend. A little one-eyed monster named mike wazowski. There is a big factory that collects screams. Children are forbidden to enter in this factory, but a little girl follows Sulley and from there adventure begins.


6. Benji

The movie features two school kids who find an orphaned puppy and name him Benji. It revolves around Benji rescuing his friends. They end up being kidnapped, but robbers don’t know what’s coming for them. Benji and his sidekick saves the day.


7. The Grinch

The movie revolves around Christmas, but you can watch it any time of the year. It has a dog that is as funny as the Grinch. Every year people disturb his solitude with a celebration so Grinch decides to do something about it. He wants to steal Christmas by posing as Santa Claus. The Grinch goes as far as to trap a misfit reindeer for sleight. Down on the hill, he finds a girl who is overflowing with happiness, her good nature threatens Grinch’s notorious behavior. Will she be able to meet Santa Clause? Or will Grinch succeed in his mission to destroy Christmas? Watch the movie to see for yourself.


8. Marley & Me

If it wasn’t for the little pet, it won’t be a pet movie. Marley & Me is based on a bestselling book by John and Jennifer Grogan. It is a true story about a four-pound puppy who grows up to be a badly behaved Labrador retriever. He is a total wreck, but there are good lessons in this movie to learn.


9. Wall-E

It is an old movie but one of the best to watch with your dog. Humans wander into space for 700 years and Well-E is the only one on earth. He is a robot who finds his way to the human colony in space. Wall-E falls in love with the robot girl who is on a mission to destroy the evidence of life on earth. You have to watch it to find out what happens next.

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