Benefits of an in-home dog sitter

by Jeannie Middlebrooks
Benefits of in-home dog sitting

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Are you looking to take a weekend trip to the beach? Maybe that week-long cruise you’ve been saving for? Taking along your two-legged children is the easy part.

What about your four-legged fur babies?! If you are like most dog owners, you’re just as worried about them as you are your human children.

So how would you cope being away from them for an extended amount of time?

Let alone, they cope with being away from you. If you want the best option for everyone, hire a professional in-home dog sitter.

Let’s break down why.


Familiar surroundings – dog sitting

Your dog(s) are already going to be stressed that you’re not there with them.

A way to help avoid even more stress is by keeping them in their homes.

A kennel is a new place, unfamiliar, and scary. Being in a noisy kennel without their owner can cause your dog to not eat, have gastrointestinal issues, and potentially worsen anxiety.

With your in-home dog sitter, they’re in an environment that is the most comfortable to them, their home.

Some breeds are more prone to separation anxiety and having your dog in a familiar setting will help reduce the chance of health issues stemming from anxiety.


Home safety – dog sitting

When you’re away from home; you’re not just worried about the fur-babies, but your actual home itself.

An in-home dog sitter can help ensure the safety of your home while you’re away by making it appear as though you never left.

Your lights will be on, vehicles in the driveway, and normal comings and goings.

Most dog sitters will even take out the trash, check the mail, water plants, and assorted other house duties.

Talk about bang for your buck! Having an in-home dog sitter can greatly reduce the chances of your home being broken into while you’re away because it appears as if you never left.

If you book a dog sitter with the service Rover, they even provide you with background checks and reviews on your sitter.

So you’ll know that your home and dogs are in good hands.


Attention – dog sitting

We all know our dogs LOVE attention. No matter how nice kennel workers are, nothing beats the one on one attention your dogs get when you have an in-home dog sitter.

They will get endless amounts of cuddles, treats, playtime, and walks.

This will greatly reduce the stress on your dog while you’re away.

Your in-home dog sitter will also be able to give you updates in the form of pictures, videos, texts, and even FaceTime.

Keeping them with day to day activities that closest resemble what happens when you’re home can keep the stress to a minimum.

Plus if you find an in-home dog sitter that you and your dogs both love, they can become a regular staple when you’re away from home, which in turn makes your dog sitter being even more of a normal thing for your dogs. 


Dog safety – dog sitting

When you hire a dog sitter from the National Association of Professional dog Sitters, you get the peace of mind that your dog sitter is not only trained in dog health, behavior, and wellness but first aid as well.

This means that they can recognize an emergency and potentially handle it quicker than your friend who’s just charging you food supply to watch your dogs. Also, keeping your dogs in your home greatly reduces the risk of them contracting a common bacteria called Bordetella. Bordetella can be contracted, even with the vaccine.

So keeping them away from any potential health risks is going to potentially keep them around for you a lot longer. 


Saving money – dog sitting

Who doesn’t love to save money!? Most In-Home dog sitters charge a fraction of what you will pay in a daily fee for a kennel. Keeping your dog safe from potential disease, stress, and unnecessary anxiety for less money is a great option. Plus having the peace of mind that your home is safer being occupied and has less risk of burglary, is just icing on the cake. Once you establish a relationship with your in-home dog sitter, they are more likely to treat your home like their own. 



Being away from home, no matter if it’s for a few days or weeks can be a stressful time.

Take the time to make sure both your dogs and your home are taken care of by hiring a professional in-home dog sitter for the duration of your trip.

Keeping their routine, as well as the appearance of your home not being unattended is essential to less stress on everyone during a trip. And the less stress on you, the more enjoyable your trip will be! 

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