Do Dobermans make good family dogs?

by Jonathan Weeks
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If you are going to be a first-time dog owner or looking to gift your family a new pet, several questions might be coming to your mind. In case you are wondering if Doberman can be a good family dog, then read further. We will try to answer almost all the questions that essentially helps in answering the primary question. 

Doberman Pinschers are known for their high intelligence, apart from being loving, protective, and loyal to their owners. In addition to these traits, adopting positive training methods can make them an excellent family dog. Although, as a whole, Doberman’s are perfect for a family, there are personality differences that may exist between two individual dogs. If you can spot a puppy that works well with your family, it will be a great gift. Besides, early socialization with other pets and kids will ensure that the Doberman works well as a family member.


Doberman as a family member

This breed is mostly well behaved and can adapt to several situations. Intelligence and the ability to in-tune with people plays a critical role. Naturally, Dobermans are known to be pack animals and love being with a family unit or a group. They will bond quickly and would never like to be separated. Their preference to be with a pack is so much that seeing a Doberman walking without a leash is common. However, this is largely dependent on the training offered to the dog and the environment he has been a part of. If these dogs receive early socialization, they will be a great asset to your family. They love staying with kids and are equally good to other pets staying within the family. They will go to any extent to protect their family and always be a great loyal companion.


Dobermans & kids

When raised along with kids, Dobermans will develop into great companions. They are often gentle and tolerant of young kids and babies. Moreover, with early socialization, they can easily be great with any known or unknown kid that might come near them. Few things that make Dobermans great companions for kids: 

  • Bred to be essentially people-oriented, Dobermans developed into dogs that love affection. Similarly, kids love affection. Endless petting, kissing and cuddling are often appreciated by these dogs. If you let them play around with your kids, they will handle affection to the extreme limits. 
  • Their protective nature can be a great protector for kids. Their instinct to protect their owners, Dobermans, will naturally come ahead to protect kids whenever it feels they are threatened. 
  • Proper upbringing can make them incredibly tolerant of their family members. A Dobbie will never have issues even if an excited kid pokes, prods, and roughly hugs them. But for doing this bear in mind, they should be used to such instances right from their childhood. 
  • Kids have ample energy to run around, and so do Dobermans. As these dogs need a lot of exercises daily, staying around active kids will benefit them at large. If a Dobie is well-exercised, they will also tend to be better behaved when left alone for a longer period.

Doberman owners would agree to the fact that the dog always sleeps facing the door of its owner’s room. If you take them to a new place or a walk, they will stick around you.

Moreover, the best-socialized Doberman will be protective if it senses danger for its owner. They might even go to the extent of sacrificing their lives without a single thought if they sense you are in danger.

All these traits strongly advocate the fact that Dobermans are indeed great family dogs. 

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