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by Amy Koller
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As the age-old saying goes, “dogs are man’s best friend”, and that should most certainly come to no great surprise to dog lovers across the world. Dogs are man’s most loyal companion and are our furry, beloved best buds who will always be there for us, at any and all costs, free of judgment and filled with love and devotion.

With that in mind, as our best friend’s begin to age, you are undoubtedly going to want to help your companion. You also want to be there for them, just as they have been there for you all of these years.

In this brief article, we will be delving into the hard-to-discuss topic of caring for your aging pup.

It may be hard to think about, but with an open mind and an open heart, you really can be there for your furry loved one and help them ease into the aging process with love and devotion. 



The first step that we, as pet parents, need to come to terms with first and foremost. It is difficult to bear thought that our dogs are inevitably going to cross over the “rainbow bridge” .

And leave us behind to carry the pain alone.

It is amazing how many people are so worried about that thought. The theought that they simply choose to ignore it.

And when the time comes for their dog, they are left shell-shocked and filled with sorrow.

The sorrow is something that is a huge given.

Losing you are trusted and most loved companion is going to hurt.

It is going to hurt incredibly bad.

And if you are not prepared for it, then it can also lead to severe depression, anxiety, and a complete sense of utter loss.

That is the feeling of being “shell-shocked”.

The best thing that you can take away from this is to try and prepare your heart for that loss as much as you possibly can.

If we are lucky, our doggy is going to get old. Why do I say, “if we are lucky?”

Who would want to wish an animal’s life away?

Think about it as not “wishing their life away”.

But instead, think of all those wonderful years that you and your dog have given to each other. Each year is a blessing with your precious dog.

Both to you and to them. Age is a blessing, not a curse. Even though it hurts when they leave.


Enjoy every moment

The next step after coming to terms with the fact that your dog will one day leave you, you can then take advantage of making each and every moment with them as precious and meaningful as possible.

Even small things like going for a ride in the car, or buying them their favorite type of bone, or a toy can mean so much to them, even if it is hard on them as they begin to age. 

Monitor your dog age

You will also want to be with your pet as their bodies start to slow down. Watch your dog more closely as they start to age. So that you can take note of areas that may be of concern for them in the future.

If their hips are starting to give out, you are going to need to take proper measures to help them as much as you can.

This can not only prolong their life for a short period of time, but it can also help to eliminate as much pain as possible.

If you are noting some areas of pain in your old dog, be sure to speak with your veterinarian or holistic practitioner for some options that you can take advantage of in order to get a jump start on easing your dogs’ pain and helping to extend their life for as long as you can.


Make them comfy

There are so many helpful options that are available to make your dog comfortable in your home.

But for just as long as they are capable of staying with you.

Be sure to look into orthopedic beds in order to make sure they always have a safe, comfortable and quiet place to lie down when they are ready to rest.

Be ready to change up their diet as well if the need arises.
This is because there are certainly different nutrients that your aging dog will need in order to ensure that they are getting everything that their body needs.

This also  keeps them healthy, vibrant, and full of life.


Unconditional love

Losing your best friend is undoubtedly one of the most difficult things that pet owners will ever have to bear.

But if you take the proper measures, and really devote all of your love and care to your companion.
They will feel and they are able to give that love back as well for just as long as they can.

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