How to remove dog odors from your car interiors

by Tayyba Saddiq
In this blog you will find out the top 7 dog odor removal tips from your car.

Dog ownership is becoming a trend all over the world and its popularity will never go down in the future

A survey was made in 2017 to 2018 which says 60 million American pet owner families have at least one dog.

Dog owners spend their maximum time with their furry friend, if you are a dog owner then you will have an idea how your dog makes your traveling experience outstanding. 

But sometimes dogs leave a bad smell in the car which does not go away easily.

Does it happen with you? If yes, no need to worry about it. We have amazing tricks that will help you to get rid of these stenches.

This article will help you in removing bad smells from your car in a few minutes.

Let’s discuss those amazing tips and tricks for dog odor remover from your car interiors:



A vacuum is one of the best cleansers which can clean everything including dog odors. Car cleaning is the first step to get rid of dog smell. The unpleasant smell your dog left inside the car can be a reason for some eating substance, the vacuum will help you to remove the cause of the bad smell. 


Change Car Air Filters

Changing the air filter is very important for every car owner but most people don’t pay attention to it. No doubt air filters help you get rid of populated air in the car if you don’t change them regularly, they stop working efficiently. If you used to travel with your dog, changing air filters should be your first priority to ensure that no dog particles get clogged inside your car interiors. However, changing air filters can be costly if you frequently travel with your dog so I have a cost-effective and better solution for you. You can purchase some cost-effective and washable air filters which allow you to enjoy a clean and pleasant car interior. 


Pet stains car shampoo

Different car shampoos are available in the market which is specifically prepared for pet owners. These car shampoos will help you to get rid of the bad smell which your furry friend left behind.

These pet strains car shampoos are prepared with specific chemicals that break down the compounds of pet urine which causes smell in the car.                         


Body spray and perfume  

This is a very common way to remove dog smell from your car interior.

This tip is for you if you are running short of time. Spray perfume or body spray to eliminate the foul smell from the car.

You can also add water in an empty bottle of perfume to spray in the car & this will also act as the best dog odor remover.

This will act as an air freshener and will definitely be a cost-effective solution. Leave the windows of your car open after your spray it. Keeping windows closed after spraying can cause problems in the future. 


Bread pieces

This is the easiest way to remove dog smell from car interiors.

You can take a piece of bread and a dish towel in your car which will absorb all the foul smell from the car.

For this purpose, you can take any type of bread from your kitchen. I will strongly recommend you this tip if you have a low budget and looking for a cost-effective solution. 


Baking Soda

Baking soda has an absorbing nature which is the best foul smell eliminator.

You just have to take a small amount of baking soda in a bowl and leave it in the car overnight, it will absorb all the smell gives you a pleasant environment in the car.

If the smell does not go away, you can repeat the process until you get rid of the foul smell.

You can use this tip if you have enough time to let the baking soda absorbs smell from the car. This tip is very helpful if you have an unbearable smell in the car. 


White vinegar 

White vinegar is considered as a natural smell remover. This tip is easy and very helpful in removing dog smell from the car. In order to get rid of the bad smell, you just have to mix white vinegar in the water.

Take a shower and fill it with a mixture of water and white vinegar and spray it in the car. The dog smell will automatically go away as soon as the mixture dried.

Don’t spray this solution into the air filters of your car. Don’t forget to open the windows of your car. This is the best dog odor remover if you are allergic to air fresheners.



It’s very common to drive with your dog but sometimes your dog can leave a foul smell behind.

These tips will not only help you to remove the bad smell but also gives you an opportunity to travel with your furry friend with more confidence.

You can use any of the above-mentioned tips to get rid of the bad smell from your car and enjoy a memorable traveling experience. 

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