How to travel with your dog – in the air and on the road

by Tayyba Saddiq
Read this blog to know about the best way to travel with a dog.

Dog owners love traveling with their furry friend but sometimes traveling with pets can create a stressful situation.

If you love your pet the most but you are afraid of those accidents which can happen when you are traveling with your pet dog then you must be looking for tips that will help you travel with your dog easily.

No matter if you are traveling by train, plane or automobile, this article will provide you with proper guidance.

We have a few tips that can make your journey with your furry friend memorable.


How to travel by plane with your loving dog? 

If you have a little puppy then it’s easier for them to sit under your seat but if you have a grown-up furry friend, it will not be able for him to sit under the seat.

Following tips will help you fly with your dog easily: 


Direct flights booking   –  Best way to travel with a dog

It is not possible every time to book direct flights. But you should try for direct flights first.

This can save your pet from being mishandled by the employees of the airline.

It can also save your dog from getting tired if he is sitting under your seat occupying minimum space. 


Routinely checkup of your dog

Before going somewhere, don’t forget to take your dog’s up to date vaccination certificate.

The certificate should be issued within 30 days before your departure.

If you are planning to go out of the country, you have to fulfill the additional requirements of the airline and airport.

You have to check your destination for brief information. 


Pet crate approved airline

If you are going to buy a ticket, don’t forget to check the airline approved pet crate.

Make sure the crate is wide enough for your dog and it allows him/her to sit easily. Your dog’s comfort should be your first priority.

The pet crate should be designed in such a way that it should absorb some type of accidents.

If you have a regular pet crate then you can take a large piece of cloth and fold it enough to absorb water, then place this folded cloth in the crate.

Keep your pet’s dried food with you and place it on one side of the crate so he can eat it whenever he feels hungry.

This will make him enjoy the flight.

If you are traveling in summer, freeze a bowl of water and place it inside the crate carefully.

The ice will melt slowly and your dog will be able to drink some water if he feels thirsty.

Your crate should be labeled under your name and saying “live animal”.

Take an airline travel kit with you which keeps your pet safe. 


Inform airline employees about your pet

Let the employees know you have a pet with you so they can give you the information in emergency situations. 


Traveling by road with your pet dog

If you are traveling by road with your dog, he cannot let you know how he feels. He cannot ask, “where are we right now?” So making his journey comfortable is your responsibility.

We have some tips for your dog’s safe and smooth ride. 


Prepare your dog for the trip

It is recommended not to carry pets if you are going on a long trip but if still, you have to take him with you, make sure he is comfortable in the car.

Spend time with him in the car so he gets used to traveling and sitting in the car. Before going on a road trip, feed him properly to avoid car sickness. 


Keep your dog secure

Cars do not have enough space for pets so make sure he is secure. Use a ventilated crate which allows him to breathe freely.

The crate should be strapped down properly to avoid accidents if there is a sudden stop.

If you are not going to use a proper pet crate then make sure you have buckled up the seatbelt. 


Use a pet travel kit

If you are going somewhere with your pet dog, take a pet tool kit having a bowl of food, first aid box, medication, waste bags, and water bottles.

Try to use dried food which does not leave any foul smell because such food can make your traveling experience unpleasant.

Don’t feed your dog in a moving car.

When you decide to stop the car, make sure the place is pet-friendly so that you can feed your dog while having a cup of coffee



Traveling with your pet dog is a great idea when your dog is comfortable and you enjoy their company.

This can be only possible if you take care of them. We have discussed all the tips to help you enjoy your trip with your cuddly companion.

All of the above-mentioned tips can make your journey memorable.

Don’t forget to use these tips when planning your next adventure with your bestie.

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