Introducing your new puppy to your aging d

by Amy Koller
Introducing your new puppy to your aging dog


If you are planning on adding a furry new addition to your family and already have an older dog, you are going to want to be sure to properly introduce them in order to ensure your new puppy’s safety while also giving your older dog a bit of a calming piece of mind. Introducing your new puppy to your aging dog can be a bit tricky, however, with some time and patience, it can most certainly be accomplished with an ease of transition. Here are some of the top tips that you can use to help you make sure that the transition goes as seamless as possible for you, your aging dog, and your new puppy. 

First things first

Prior to bringing your new buddy home, there are a couple of things that you will want to do at your home before.

To start, you will want to put any and all of your aging dogs favorite toys, snacks, and chew toys in order to prevent and sort of territorial behavior from your older dog.

If your older dog starts to immediately play with your older dogs favorite toy, they are going to become incredibly defensive and a fight may ensue, which can lead to unnecessary injury for either or both of your pets.

The same goes for food, make sure that your dogs have two separate dishes in order to make sure they do not become aggressive and possessive during feeding time. 

Separate and conquer

You are also going to want to make sure that you have two totally separate areas of your home for each of the dogs in order to allow them the opportunity to have some space from each other as they become acquainted.

Water bowls are typically okay for them to share, but if they show any signs of aggression towards each other at the watering hole, you may want to use separate water dishes as well until the two animals become better acquainted with each other. 

Leash and learn

When you are ready to bring your new puppy home, be sure to make the initial introduction brief. Put both of your dogs on a leash, with one person handling the puppy and another handling your older dog and allow them the opportunity to freely smell each other.

Give them a bit of room and do not “restrict” them, as this will only create tension among the two animals. And do not stress or feel nervous about the introduction, as both animals will feel your tension and will cause them to get nervous and apprehensive as well. In other words, if you are calm, they will be far more calm as well. Your new puppy will be a bit nervous regardless, however, your older dog will be looking to you for guidance and direction about the situation.

Let your puppy learn

Your puppy will start to look to your older dog as a means for how to do things and what is okay versus what is not okay in your home. You are going to need to closely keep an eye on both of your dogs during the first couple of weeks to monitor their behavior. This is a great time to allow your puppy to follow your older dog and allow the puppy to be able to learn the daily routine. When and how to go outside, how to communicate with you, when feeding time is okay. Your older dog is going to be a great teacher, be sure to allow him or her the opportunity to teach the little one. 

Monitor closely

Remember to always pay attention to your dog’s behavior. Especially if the puppy is very young, they may not understand what it okay and what is not in terms of playing with your older dog. If the puppy hurts your older dog, he or she will snap at them. While this is a way for your older dog to teach your new puppy that what they did hurts and is not okay, you will want to make sure that your older dog does not cause any form of severe injury to the puppy either. 

In review

Getting a new puppy can be an incredibly fun and exciting time in your household, but it can also cause some stress if you just are not fully prepared and totally ready for the new situation and the overall introduction between your new puppy and your aging dog. Just remember that the situation does not need to be stressful at all. Allow both of your dogs the freedom and time to get to know each other, and you will find that they will be getting along with each other in no time! 

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