Keeping your dog happy while you’re away at work

by Iris Wilson

Read this blog to know the ways to keep your dog happy

One of the challenges as a dog owner is finding ways to keep your dog happy while you’re at work. We all live busy lives and most of us can’t bring our dogs to work.

It’s important to make sure your dog is active even when you are not home.

Thankfully, there are many toys and technologies to help.

Leave on the TV or radio

Living in the 21st century, we are lucky to have a wide range of options to entertain our dogs. From apps to specialized toys, you can be confident that your dog will have something to keep them happy while you’re out. One easy option is to leave the TV or radio on to create background noise for the dog. This can also be useful if your dog barks or cries when you leave. Some dog owners have also found that white noise can help as well. There are specialized white noise machines, or you can download an app on your tablet or TV. Try out a few different options to see what works best for your dog.

Give your dog a toy filled with treats

Before leaving the house, try filling a toy with treats to keep them occupied when you are out. There are many different toys you can buy, but the concept is simple–you just insert small treats in a ball and let your dog push it around until they get bored with it or get all the treats to fall out. You can do the same thing with peanut butter. Just get a toy that is easy to clean, like a Kong, and put peanut butter in the ends. If you freeze the toy, the peanut butter will least longer, keeping your dog entertained for even longer.

Hire a dog walker

It’s important to make sure your dog gets enough exercise even when you’re out of the house. If you’re not able to come home during the day, hiring a dog walker is a great option. There are many apps available like Rover and Wag that help you find reliable dog walkers. These apps even allow you to watch them on a map as they walk, so you know exactly where your dog is going. These are a great option if your work schedule is unpredictable, as you can just open the app and see who is available right when you need them. If you prefer to plan ahead, you can find a local professional walker that walks multiple dogs at once to give your dog some socialization as well. Some people also bring their dogs to daycare a few days a week to keep their dog active. (

Use a dog camera to dispense treats

There are now even cameras that allow you to watch, hear, and talk to your dog while you’re out. One popular brand is called Furbo. The best part is about these cameras you can even dispense treats to your dog right from the device. They also act as added safety to help monitor your dog and home. 

Dog owners know how important it is to keep your dog entertained while you’re out of the house. Today, we are lucky to live in a time with many easy options to explore. From treat-filled toys to technologies like a dog camera and instant dog walker, caring for a dog has entered the modern age and made our lives much easier. Trying out a few of these options can help vary your dog’s daily routine and keep them happy and entertained throughout the day so you don’t have to worry about them.

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