What are elevated bowls and do big dogs need them?

by Jonathan Weeks
Read this blog to know What are elevated bowls and do big dogs need them?

Who doesn’t want to feed his dog most conveniently and safely? As a big dog owner, you must already be aware of how much it loves food. So, what would be the best way to feed your dog? A single solution answer won’t actually be suitable for dogs of different sizes. However, elevated bowls are something that has been gaining popularity for some time now. But what are they? Is it good for your pet? Which is the best-sized bowl that suits your dog? Let’s find answers to these questions to help you select the perfect elevated bowl.


What is an elevated bowl?

These are feeding bowls in an elevated shape with a stand of a specific height at the bottom. For your dog, consider its height and size to determine the perfect option. Apart from different sizes, they have different features like a cut-out at the bottom to hold the bowl, an attached platform to rest a bowl, the option to adjust the height, and ones that can be suspended in the air.


Benefits of elevated bowls
  • Makes it easier to feed your dog as it puts the food closer to its mouth
  • Puts less strain on the dog’s neck helping to deal with any mobility issues, joint disorders or arthritis
  • Ensures food isn’t spilled everywhere and feeding sessions do not turn out to be messy


Possible disadvantages of using an elevated bowl 

Accept it! There is no perfect way of feeding your dog. Even using an elevated bowl doesn’t mean that you have sorted all issues related to feeding of the dog. Using an elevated bowl can lead to bloating or gastric dilation. It is a condition that is dangerous wherein the gas traps inside the stomach and increases the pressure leading to several life-threatening issues such as stomach rupture. Although there have been cases of bloating due to elevated bowls, there is a need to do more research on its impact. 


Are elevated bowls good for big dogs?

Now that you know about the possible risks and advantages, let us examine further and determine if it is suitable for your big doggy. An elevated bowl is perfect for a dog if he has been struggling with mobility issues. With the dog eating high off the ground, the stress on its neck is reduced substantially.  

Regular usage of these bowls to feed a giant breed dog isn’t recommended. As there are chances of increasing bloating, you might prefer keeping their bowls on the floor. However, using a low height elevated bowl once every two days might not be an issue. Make sure you are checking out the health conditions and impact or instances of bloating regularly.


What is the best position for an elevated bowl to feed your dog?

Once you have selected the perfect variant of an elevated bowl, the next thing is to select the right size. The bowl needs to be square with the dog’s chest. This will ensure they do not need to lift their necks up and down to get food and water. It also helps in their posture and eliminates possible neck pain issues while eating. It is best to measure the pups to finalize the height of the bowl. Generally, 7 to 14 inches is a suitable size for medium-sized dogs. For large breeds, this can be anywhere between 15 to 20 inches.

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