5 pet tech products to help make your life easier

by S Riaz
Walk your dog into the 21st century with these modern pet tech products.

Living in the present means using the latest technology to make your life easy. Many of us haven’t heard about the coolest gadgets that were invented recently.

Most of these gadgets can also be linked to your cell phone so that you are always in control.

From automatic feeders to trackers, pet tech products are growing and becoming more advanced every year.

These products not only save your time, but also save money, monitor health, and keeps you updated. With these techs, you can be a responsible owner even when you are at work.


1. Smart collars – Pet Tech Products

We have seen in movies and real-life that dogs like to hide things. It is difficult to find stuff that the dog hid and there is no way to ask.

These smart collars can record full day’s activity so that you know what your dog is doing behind you back.

Some basic wearables can only track activity, but advance ones can inform about sleeping patterns, licking, and much more.

These collars can also provide real-time tracking in case your dog is lost. Some of these smart collars come with a monthly fee that helps you access data via an application.

When your dog is too old and you are busy with work, these devices can also help you monitor pulse, seizures, temp, and other common factors. A good collar can also inform about weight loss and exercise routine.


2. Smart house – Pet tech Products

A smart house can fit your pet and is the best shelter to protect the dog while you are working. These houses save time and make you more efficient. You can connect it to the internet to monitor what your dog’s doing. You can tie the leash and lock/unlock the door from your office using the internet.

Get a dog house with a small LCD to play movies for your dog while you are enjoying your time outside. Turn on/off the light or fan whenever you want using your cell phone

You control everything so that your dog doesn’t feel lonely and enjoys a peaceful time. Some of these houses inform you about the number of times the dog left and returned.


3. Automatic feeder

If you don’t have an automatic feeder then you are not from this century. It’s nice to feed the dog by yourself, but an automatic feeder is more than just a machine. It ensures the weight of your dog stays within limits.

Feeder makes it easy to pick food and decide how much the dog will eat. Your pet gets the food on time, and never hungry if you are out shopping and will be late. If your pet is picky then you can set the machine to smaller portions. No morning wakeups and saves a lot of time.


4. Electronic door

If you have a beautiful outdoor space and your pet wants to go outside then get an electronic door rather than opening the door every time the dog barks. It can be installed temporarily or permanent. You can use a cell phone to open or close the door anytime.

Electronic doors can also be scheduled to open at a specific time to ensure critters don’t enter. Some even open only when your dog is near. They can be linked with the collars and you are free to go shopping.


5. Interactive toys

When your dog gives you the look, you know it’s playtime, but today is a busy day. Why leave your dog with teary eyes when there are interactive automatic toys?

About 28% of the owners leave their pets for 10 to 20 hours per week. Dogs are easily stressed, anxious, and bored. This creates emotional imbalances that cause them to seek ways to occupy the time.

This can lead to bad behavior and health issues.

If this sounds familiar then you should give a thought to interactive toys.

These build mental strength, helps them to self-entertain, keeps anxiety away, and satisfy their instincts. Giving your dog a toy means you are giving him a job.

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