Automatic indoor dog toilets, what are your options?

by Emma Sinden
Automatic indoor dog toilet, what are your options?

Read this blog to know more about automatic indoor dog toilet, what are your options?

If you are lucky enough to own your own apartment (or you’ve finally managed to convince your grumpy landlord to let you keep a pet) you are no doubt keen to rush out and get yourself a little canine buddy right away. Hold up a minute though. We have to talk about something dirty. 

Yes, you know what I’m talking about, Dog toilet: No.1s and No.2s. Every dog owner has to deal with them, and living in an apartment can make toileting extra tricky.

You can’t ask your little buddy to cross her legs for 12 hours at a time, can you? There is no getting away from it.

Your pup will need to pee several times and day and poop at least once (if you are lucky!) Depending on which floor of your building your apartment is on, that’s an awful lot of trips up and down the stairs or elevator. (Although your step count is going to look mighty awesome!)

Fortunately, there are a few ways around this ‘dirty’ problem.

Let’s take a look at some of the options available for budding pet parents living in apartments.


The Brilliant Pad –
dog toilet

The Brilliant Pad automated toilet uses a giant roll of toilet pad material. Your pup poops or pees on a section of the pad (hopefully without missing!) and the pad starts to dry the No.2s out straight away.

When the timer activates, the toilet begins to roll up the used section, sealing all the nastiness away inside the roll. 

Apparently, the seal works so well that no odors are released at all, meaning you can leave the toilet pretty much anywhere in your home. Once the roll is used up, you pop it out and dispose of it.

Clever huh? Depending on how many dogs use the roll and how often you activate it, one roll can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. 

Brilliant Pads –
dog toilet

One thing we particularly love about Brilliant Pad is that the whole roll (including the plastic end caps) is environmentally friendly. Once buried, all traces of the roll are biodegradable in around a year or so.

It’s not for everyone though.  Brilliant Pad is only suitable for small dogs up to 25lbs or for toilet training large breed puppies. It’s also not cheap. The toilet itself will set you back $150 and then you’ll need at least one roll a month at around $25.

So is the Brilliant Pad genuinely brilliant? It’s certainly clever and convenient and there is nothing on the market quite like it. For small dogs used to pads, we think it’s definitely worth trying out.

Grass mat toilets – dog toilet

Is your dog used to toileting in the great outdoors? A grass-covered ‘pet park’ style toilet is probably the best solution for your apartment or balcony. Essentially it’s a large tray with an artificial grass mat over the top.

No.1s pass through the mat and the liquid is directed into a catch bucket or through a hose that can be fed straight into a nearby drain.  The grass top gives your pup a more natural feel under their paws. This makes a ‘pet park’ style toilet ideal for fussy pups or older dogs who have never used an indoor toilet before.


Porch Potty – dog toilet

Porch Potty is a US company making solid-looking grass mat toilets. The exterior, weatherproof wicker material is rather stylish.  Best of all is that the Porch Potty automatically cleans up after your pet.

The mat features an integrated sprinkler system that can be set on a timer to wash away your pup’s No1s.

Worried about moving your older dog into an apartment for the first time? No problem. You can order a dirt-free, real grass mat for your Porch Potty. Starting off with genuine grass should help ease your dog’s transition onto artificial grass if he is not used to it.

One drawback with the Porch Potty is that, unlike the Brilliant Pad, you’ll still have to deal with No.2s. It’s also quite pricey. 

Porch Potty – Benefits 

The premium version with the integrated sprinkler system will set you back $279. Unlike the Brilliant Pad though, Porch Potty can accommodate much larger breeds, with a max weight of 120lbs.

That covers almost all big breeds of dog apart from the very largest (but let’s be honest, you probably don’t want to be keeping a Mastiff in a small apartment anyway!)

If these two options are a bit out of your price range, and you don’t mind doing a bit more dirty work, there are plenty of alternatives you can consider for your dog’s indoor toilet.


Training pads – dog toilet

Your cheapest option for indoor toileting is the classic training pads made from super-absorbent diaper like material. These pads are the traditional solution for potty training puppies and rescue dogs that have lived in kennels. But they are not very eco-friendly, can leak, and are an expensive repeat purchase.  Training Pads are probably not the best option for the long-term apartment pup.

Litter trays – dog toilet

Basic cat litter trays can make a great and affordable toileting solution for small dogs but obviously, they are not as convenient as automatic toilets. Liquids and solids will need to be cleaned out at least once a day.

Avoid a litter tray if your dog is a champion digger, however. Things could get messy very quickly!

Mesh covered trays – dog toilet

These trays are a similar idea to the ‘pet park’ style toilets but without the grass matting layer. Their simple design makes them easy to thoroughly clean and disinfect. The downside is that the mesh top is not as comfy on your dog’s paws as a grass mat.

How do you meet your dog’s toilet needs in your apartment? Do you have any great ideas for other dog owners? Let us know in the comments.

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